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For the last ten years I've been working in international schools in Thailand teaching ICT (Information Communication Technology) and Computer Science, prior to this I have worked for several years in software support and also taught English as a Foreign Language. I'm particularly interested in using ICT as a tool for transforming education and in the impact of open source technologies upon learning. Twitter ID @ajduckworth

Sunday, February 1, 2009

ICT Network and Classroom Management Software

Am looking for alternatives to the NetOps software that we currently use. The main commercial alternatives include Ranger, Impero, AB Tutor, RM Tutor and NetSupport School.
Impero and AB Tutor both seem to get a thumbs up from users on www.edugeek.net
LANview is free and ITALC is an open source alternative,however it doesn't come with internet filtering and at the moment seem to be more suitable for smaller schools. I'm experimenting with the free internet filter Kidzui but this is client based.


  1. I had a demo with abtutor and impero at bett2009. AB seemed good but they said they are still playing catch up with impero. Impero looked really good and i saw preview to v3 which is the beez kneez.
    Hope that helps.

  2. Dr Watson- I only just noticed your comment!, having been away from the blog for some time. Thanks for the comment. I'd love to be able to get to BETT but I work outside the UK. I briefly looked at both sets of software and particularly like the ability in Impero to disallow duplicate logons. I've also come across another application called Heucampus, which looks far more developed than the NetOps that I currently use. I quite like the fact that each student is represented by a picture of the student rather than an icon.There is a nice set of videos overviewing Heucampus at https://ict4us.wikispaces.com/HeuCampus

  3. Also just read an interesting discussion on the benefits of Impero vs NetSupport School (NSS) on edudugeek at http://www.edugeek.net/forums/network-classroom-management/7903-impero-netsupport-school.html

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